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MCT-0251 NEMT# 221552

Approved by the State of Colorado


Business Services

Same Day Delivery to Greater Denver Locations

Services for small businesses impacted by covid-19

Clean and sanitized vehicle after each delivery

USPS has experienced delays in shipping. We've got you covered.

Same Day Courier Services for businesses in Colorado in the metro Denver area.

Provides pick up and delivery for important packages in a timely fashion.

Business Offices

Pet Retail Stores

Grocery Stores

Medical OfficesLaw Firms

Child Care Facilities

$25 up to 10 mile radius to pick up and drop off packages (includes multiple packages) between 0-25 LBS

$35 up to 10 mile radius to pick up and drop off packages 26-35 LBS

Services include multiple packages


Small Business Products Services

USPS has encountered significant delays

Let us help you today!


Medical Transportation

Sanitized Vehicles After Each Trip

Mask Available 

Looking for affordable and personalized transportation service? You've come to the right place. TenderCare Transportation will take you or your loved one to your medical appointments. We require 48 Hour advance notice.

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Request Services

  • Maternity Transportation

  • Dental Appointments

  • Out Patient Appointments

  • Hospital Appointments

  • Medical Clinics

  • Prescription Rides

720-762-0248 or 303-946-1533

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Executive Transportation for Frontline Workers

Disinfected Vehicles After Each Trip

Worried about Covid-19 and bringing germs home to your loved one's? We've got you covered.  We know how important it is for you to have peace of mind. We will pick you up and take you to work each day as well as roundtrip services.


Covid-19 Ready
Background Checked Drivers
Licensed & Insured
Referral Discounts

Reliable, Professional Drivers

Medial Appointment

Dental Appointment

Physical Therapy Appointments

Maternity Appointments

Wellness Appointments

Pharmacecutical] Deliveries

Dialysis Centers

Adult Daycare

Non-emergency Transportation

Medicaid Approved NEMT

Private Transportation

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